Saturday, February 14, 2009

Koscianski at Carl Hammer Gallery

I did a little gallery hopping this weekend. While waiting for Gino to finish with one of his clients, I spent some time doing a quick overview of some of the shows going on in the River North gallery district. I received a card earlier in the week, announcing an exhibition of new paintings by Leonard Koscianski. I remembered the images of angry white wolves he had painted in the eighties, when he was with the Phyllis Kind Gallery. Well... Koscianski is still painting some angry dogs and I still find them intriguing. Take the time to see the show. Koscianski has expanded his subject matter to include bats and butterflies. There is a great quote by a critic—on the Hammer Gallery's web site—which define the work as alluding to "the dark emotional turmoil of life in suburban America." The work is truly unexpected and worth a visit. Carl Hammer Gallery is located at 740 N. Wells, in Chicago.

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