Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glistening "Fields" ~ New work by Deanna Krueger

Save the date... Friday, April 23rd, 5:30-7:30pm

In just a few weeks, "Fields" by Deanna Krueger will open at Gallery 180 of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. Krueger produces powerful mixed media forms created from recycled medical diagnostic film layered with monotypes. The film is torn, repositioned, and then stapled together to create multi-faceted surfaces. These semi-reflective surfaces create a mesmerizing, gem-like appearance.

A loose and contemporary interpretation of the Color Field Paintings of the fifties and sixties, appropriately, Krueger draws upon the word “Fields” as a jumping off point for this particular body of work. The various meanings of the word can evoke actual, theoretical and—of course—technological implications. The latter reference speaks to the collection of data, which reflects back to Krueger’s intriguing choice of discarded medical film as creative material. Krueger offers insight of her creations with each given title—many referring to elements within science and technology with secondary implications to humanity’s search for understanding and purpose. Krueger explains:
"I am interested in humanity's collective search for meaning in the absurdity that is this life.” “…Serving as a marker of this time of transition, the materials speak to the recent evolution of information storage. When virtual documents replace paper, the lowly staple will become an artifact of an earlier information age. Modes of diagnostic imagery are shifting as well: X-Rays and MRI scans are increasingly being recorded solely in the digital realm."

Mocking obsolescence and questioning the purpose of life and death, the glistening imagery offers memorizing surfaces on which to focus, meditate and contemplate. The work of Deanna Krueger will be presented at Gallery 180 of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago through June 3rd. This exhibition is free and open to the public. Works are available for purchase. Gallery 180 is located at 180 N. Wabash—at the corner of Lake and Wabash—in Chicago’s Loop. The gallery is open Monday through Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-5.

Image: Deanna Krueger, "Sencha" - Detail, mixed media, 63"x 63", 2010


  1. Très bel ensemble de couleurs... Agréable à l'oeil.

  2. Merci pour votre post. Deanna Krueger est vraiment un artiste incroyable. Vous devriez consulter son site Web.