Thursday, July 27, 2017

Corinna Button - Interfaces

Through this Sunday…
There are only a few days before the conclusion of “Interfaces” … Corinna Button’s exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center. If you haven’t yet experienced Button’s work, now is the time. 

Presented in the Cleve Carney Gallery of the Hyde Park Art Center located at 5020 S. Cornell Avenue—in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood—Button Presents a series of both two and three-dimensional works that interpret the multifaceted experience of being a woman. 

Referencing the Cubist movement and utilizing the female form as muse, Button’s treatment of the subject often incorporates multiple angles at once—suggesting the paradox of femininity and a multifaceted existence. Utilizing layered materials with embedded textures and scratched surfaces; she alludes to the encrusted complexities of a woman's reality. With a twisted dichotomy, each painting, print and sculpture addresses the beauty that women expose to the world—with fashion and pageantry—but the work also exposes the veiled layers of a darker reality. 

This is a “must see” exhibition. The Hyde Park Art Center is located at 5020 S. Cornell Avenue in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. For additional information visit

Influenced by German Expressionism, interdisciplinary artist Corinna Button seamlessly incorporates printmaking techniques into her paintings and ceramic sculptures. She has had more than twenty solo exhibitions and has been featured in numerous group shows and fairs across the world, including Artists Interpret Shakespeare at Elmhurst Art Museum (Elmhurst), and Chicago Invasion at Blue Rider Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan). Her artwork can be found in the public collections of the BBC, The University of Aberystwyth and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Button completed the Center Program at Hyde Park Art Center, where she reignited her interest in new techniques and forms in clay. While in Chicago (2010-2016), her practice was rooted in a studio at Zhou B Art Center. She holds a BA (honors) in painting from Leeds Metropolitan University School of Art and a postgraduate degree in printmaking from Croydon School of Art. She is an elected member of The Royal Society of Painters and Printmakers, London and currently lives and works in London, UK.