Saturday, April 24, 2021

Nova Czarnecki - Bloom at Hofheimer Gallery

It’s the details that make life interesting.

I teach my students, that what they see in art, is based on their life experience. Their reality is grounded solely on their personal experience of the world. In beginning drawing, the student is taught to see… literally. Nothing is taken for granted. Every detail is a new discovery. The student is trained to see how light moves across a surface, exposing the nuance of every object, surface, or subject, within their view. 

As I walked into the Hofheimer Gallery for the opening reception of Bloom, I was instantly drawn to the beautiful complexity of Nova Czarnecki’s paintings. The subject of each canvas is a gorgeously rendered female figure, entangled in foliage and flanked by an array of regal birds and animals. The beautiful dabs of pigment are transformed into an emotional expression of unique storytelling—a subtle message in each detail. The viewer can spend hours exploring the subtle nuance of each bit of the canvas. The symbolism found, is unique for each encounter… again, based on the viewer’s personal history. Quiet moments for observation are required for a poignant journey.

Bloom closes this afternoon at Hofheimer Gallery. The collection hosts a number of beautiful images relevant to the title. Take some time to experience this beautiful exhibition and explore the work of Nova Czarnecki—the newest addition to this amazing stable of Hofheimer gallery artists.

Hofheimer Gallery is located at 4823 N. Damen, Chicago, Illinois 60625 847.274.7550
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