Saturday, March 14, 2009

Suzanne Stryk

I recently received a proposal for a solo exhibition, that I found intriguing. The proposal was from Virginia Artist, Suzanne Stryk. A brochure, titled "Keeping An Eye On Things", produced by East Tennessee State University for the Artist's current exhibition, was included in the materials. I reviewed the brochure, beginning to explore Stryk's world. Her imagery includes beautiful studies and seemingly scientific drawings of birds, feathers, insects, eggs and nest branches. These subjects are combined to create symbolic compositions, at times painted or drawn in a style reminiscent of the intricate scribbling of a da Vinci sketchbook. The paintings—less drawn and more finished—have the glow of brilliance. The content made me want to learn more about the work of this artist.

I spent the next twenty minutes on Stryk's web site where the Artist Statement presents a wonderful narrative explaining the genesis of the works. It's worth a quick read. If the above image, "Survey (Varied Thrush)", 2004, is at all interesting to you, review the paintings on the web site... they're truly wonderful. I hope to present the work of Susanne Stryk in a future exhibition at Gallery 180.

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