Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meditative Surfaces

I drove out to Naperville, Illinois—yesterday—to meet with Nickole Lanham, the Gallery Director of the Schoenherr Art Gallery of North Central College. Lanham contacted me to schedule an exhibition, in response to a proposal I submitted for a three-person show titled, "Meditative Surfaces". The exhibition—now scheduled to open on July 24 —will combine the work of Photographer; Maggie Meiners, Mixed Media Artist; Deanna Krueger and my own surface paintings. Each of the Artists in this exhibition are inspired by their own—very different—individual passions, yet the work comes together to present a united statement of introspection.

The above image is a detail from "echo" by Deanna Krueger. Krueger produces powerful mixed media forms created from recycled medical diagnostic film layered with monotypes. The film is torn, repositioned, and then stapled together to create various multi-faceted surfaces. The semi-reflective surfaces create a mesmerizing, gem-like quality. Krueger’s given titles hint at the conceptual nuances, which imply humanity’s collective search for meaning. Another of Krueger's pieces—"Bathys"—is currently on display in the "From Nature" exhibition at Gallery 180 of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.

Above is "1011DR" by Maggie Meiners. Meiners' large-scale abstract photographs come from her “Childhood Contemplations” series and are perfect for this group show focusing on meditative surface patterns. The mere size of these forty-inch square digital c-prints, allows the viewer to become engulfed by the imagery and to explore their inner mind. The various color patterns are meant to trigger memories on which to contemplate. Meiners' is currently exhibiting a piece from her "Abstractions" series in the "From Nature" exhibition at Gallery 180.

"Meditative Surfaces" will open Friday, July 24 and run through Friday August 21. The 1,100 square foot, Schoenherr Art Gallery of North Central College is located in the newly constructed, Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center at 171 E. Chicago Avenue in Naperville, Illinois. A free and convenient multi-level parking lot is adjacent to the Center.

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  1. Wow, unique. I have noticed with art brought together in introspection, is that, something is revealing the secret behind the pieces.

    Often it is the fact that all artists were working on their pieces at the same time of day.
    Connection happens on a intuitive/higher plane and is seen when the pieces are brought together (again) on a physical/visual plane.