Friday, November 6, 2009

Igor and Marina at Thomas Masters Gallery

I started my position as “Exhibition Curator” roughly nine or ten years ago. That was when I was given the opportunity to manage the gallery for The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. The gallery has gone through a variety of changes… relocation and then the addition of a second space. When the second space emerged, Gallery 180 was born.

But, back in the beginning …back when I began my career as a Curator, I was given another wonderful opportunity. The President of the school—at that time—asked me to create a collection for the school. With that, he gave me a relatively small annual budget… but I was inspired. I thought about ways to obtain additional funds for acquisitions. Among other things, I began the school’s annual “Acquisition Exhibition” …a juried show with multiple purchase awards. That brings me to Igor and Marina.

A painting by Igor and Marina was included in the first Acquisition Exhibition. I loved the work and—back then—I knew that the husband and wife team would do very well. The content and quality of the work was beautiful and intriguing. Igor produced the patterns and textures while Marina focused on the figurative elements. The painting seemed to be from the past with a twist of contemporary flare.

Well, I was right about their success. The team is currently represented by a number of gallery’s throughout the world. In Chicago, Igor and Marina are handled by the Thomas Masters Gallery. I dropped by the Thomas Masters gallery today to view the latest pieces created by the husband and wife team. I was once again impressed. The power, beauty and elegance of the imagery left me fascinated. The exhibition includes some of the preparatory pencil drawings, side-by-side with the canvases. Though not as “finished” as the canvases, the drawings have a subtle elegance of their own. It’s a show that shouldn’t be missed …and it closes on the November 15th. If you’re in Chicago, make the effort to see this exhibition. The Thomas Masters Gallery is located at 245 W. North Avenue, in Chicago.

Above: Igor and Marina, Africa, Oil on Canvas 48 x 60"
Below: Igor and Marina, Little Squares...


  1. You have an interesting career path, and an interesting career! These paintings are unique and inspiring. Surely a great selection for the Institute.

  2. If only I would have had the budget to have purchased that piece—some ten years ago. But the current work is truly amazing. You may want to google Igor and Marina. Their website is abundant with imagery.

  3. Hi Chuck !!!
    your blog is incredible . it was really good to have discoved this !!
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  5. Hey there, I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time today so, perhaps you've already covered this earlier, but I'd be really interested in reading a blog post about your career path as a curator.

    I’m always curious about how artist-curators in terms of how the two aspects of their career influence each other.

  6. Hi Chuck~ Happy to have found your blog. Very interesting and creativity in abundance. You do have quite the career!

    Lovely visit was had~

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    This is a really interesting blog.
    These two pieces of work are amazing!