Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Debbie Yost ~ photo '11

Debbie Yost is relatively new to the world of fine art photography, yet her work is stunningly beautiful and sophisticatedly consistent. Yost presents the beauty of fresh frozen plant life trapped in a geometric crystallization of ice. The imagery brings to mind our youth-obsessed culture with its fears of the aging process and its preoccupation with Botox. The budding artist freezes her subjects before the wilting and imperfections begin. Yost's doesn't make reference to the use of metaphor, Instead, she focuses her comments on the visual aesthetic created by the natural and reoccurring patterns found within the imagery. Yost explains:
My inspiration for this series comes from the photographic work of Karl Blossfeldt (Urformen Der Kunst), as well as the work of Edward Weston, and the allure of nature itself. I’m interested in the variety of forms, details and patterns naturally occurring in all botanicals and organics. The intricate detail within the structure of plants is captivating, providing an abstract view of nature through the repetition of shapes and patterns. I’m inspired to investigate this diverse but orderly world that sometimes goes unnoticed or taken for granted. Plants should be valued for their aesthetic, architectural structures, and my photographs depict the appearance of these structural elements. They are displayed in ice. With the density, opacity and texture both on the interior and on its surface, ice provides an interesting medium within which to observe the plants. Furthermore, the division of space, light and shadow accentuates nature’s details, while the silhouettes highlight the structure and texture. The detail present in these organic forms ultimately reveals the fundamental structure of the natural world.

Yost is one of ten artist exhibiting in photo '11 at Gallery 180 of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. Commissions from sales will benefit Heartland Alliance in their Human Rights efforts. The entire exhibition can be seen at gallery180.com The exhibition continues through March 3rd.

[top] Sunflowers in Ice
Silver Gelatin Print, edition of 20, 12.5” x 10", 2009

[above] Anthurium in Ice
Silver Gelatin Print, edition of 20, 12.5” x 10", 2009
Crabapples in Ice
Silver Gelatin Print, edition of 20, 12.5” x 10", 2009

Each image is available for $400.

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