Friday, April 20, 2012

Deanna Krueger at ZIA Gallery

Deanna Krueger, "Merope" 36 x 36" acrylic monotype, staples and MRI film

One of my favorite artists, Deanna Krueger, is going to be exhibiting some new work at the ZIA Gallery in Winnetka. The exhibition runs from May 4 through June 16 with an Opening Reception on Friday, May 4 from 5-7:30... so save the date. Deanna Krueger will be presenting her Acrylic monotype-mixed media pieces, along side the Pop-inspired, mixed media works on paper, created by Carl Wilen. It should be a wonderful exhibition.

If you don't know of Krueger's work, she produces powerful mixed media forms created from recycled medical diagnostic film layered with monotypes. The film is torn, repositioned, and then stapled together to create multi-faceted surfaces. These semi-reflective surfaces create a mesmerizing, gem-like appearance. Krueger explains:
I work abstractly at the juncture where sculpture and painting intersect. The resulting pieces are hybrids. The process for my current series begins with recycled medical diagnostic film layered with acrylic monotype prints. The film is then torn apart and the shards are reconnected into new configurations using thousands of staples. The visual aesthetic is at once high-tech and primordial. It evokes a multitude of associations: aquatic life forms, otherworldly geological formations, surreal vegetation, scientific images of the miniscule, visions of the cosmos. I am interested in humanity’s search for meaning in this life, and in the pleasure to be found in the various manifestations of that search.

Don't miss this exhibition. The ZIA Gallery is located at 548 Chestnut Street in Winnetka. Additional information can be found on their web site at

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