Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maggie Meiners ~ ...Day to Day Life

Maggie Meiners, "Great Grandmum"

There are just a few days left to see the Maggie Meiners exhibition, "Vignettes of Day to Day Life", at ZIA Gallery in Winettka. The show presents a series of compositionally-exciting unconventional portraits observed from Meiners' everyday life. The images are large, creating strong visual impact. Meiners' defines the work on her newly-revised web site and I've included it—in part—here...
Every person has aspects of their life that they would prefer to deny or disguise. Here, each vignette is filled with the accoutrements of my day-to-day life. While I greatly admire the works of Cindy Sherman and Tina Barney, I have chosen to capture the events around me as they happen, rather than setting a stage or directing. These works remain personal observations commenting on my own life story, while nodding toward the multiplicities that comprise the totality of every human experience.
As an artist in an unexpected socio-economic construct, I have found that my journey and those of my peers, is no different than those who may be from a different demographic.  Looking clearly and unapologetically at these various roles has afforded me a larger view of the human condition; and an awareness of the self we expose and the self we keep private.
Don't miss this exhibition. "Vignettes of Day to Day Life" continues at ZIA Gallery through July 28th. ZIA Gallery is located at 548 Chestnut Street in Winnetka, IL. The gallery hours are Monday through Saturday from 10-5. Additional work by Maggie Meiners can be seen at:


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