Saturday, October 27, 2012

Charles Gniech at ZIA Gallery

Gniech Exhibition installation image provided by Anne Hughes of ZIA Gallery

An exhibition of my latest paintings, opened at ZIA Gallery last weekend. The work is based on the meditative qualities of the stone circles of Great Britain.   

I’ve spent roughly two decades researching and exploring the stone circles of Great Britain. Britain is littered with more than four hundred and thirty of these prehistoric sites. Each site seems to be placed in a strange segment of paradise… whether on the plateau of a mountain in the Lake District or in the back yard of an old farmhouse somewhere in the middle of the countryside. Each site has it’s own charm and personality. Each site is an experience.

This latest body of work is influenced by the meditative qualities of the fluid surface-patterns found on some of these monuments. I have taken artistic liberties in the replication, manipulation and abstraction of the surface patterns, yet the work continues to convey the serene qualities regularly associated with nature, harmony and inner peace.

The exhibition continues through November 24th. ZIA Gallery is located at 548 Chestnut in Winnetka, Illinois. The gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10-5. Street parking is readily available.

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