Saturday, October 24, 2015

An Evening of OUTSIDER ART and JAZZ

Frank Joseph Zirbel, Post Atomic Woman
15” h x 6” x 9”, wood, cast iron, doll, screws, etch, sand and oil paint, 1996  

Save the Date: Friday, November 13, 2015 at 7pm

Join The Art Center-Highland Park for an evening of great jazz, craft beer, barbecue and outsider art. The list of obsessively creative and quirky artists include: Lea Atiq, Ellen Greene, Debo Groover, Mary King, Bruce New, and Frank Joseph Zirbel. If you haven’t yet experienced Outsider Art, you will be astonished by this experience!

A little background... Outsider Art is generally produced by self-taught artists that are not part of the artistic establishment. It is work produced far outside of the historical continuum of society... Embracing unconventional views of the world.

The intriguing art work—combined with wonderful food and smooth jazz—will make for an exceptional evening. The event is a fundraiser for The Art Center-Highland Park which is dedicated to promoting the appreciation of contemporary fine art through exhibitions by both established and emerging artists. The center fosters creativity through the experience and discussion of fine art and offers extensive educational opportunities through a broad range of classes, panel discussions, workshops and lectures. A nonprofit organization, The Art Center-Highland Park connects artists with the community at large—supporting creativity at every level.

Tickets for "An Evening of OUTSIDER ART and JAZZ, may be purchased online at or by calling Jacqueline Chilow at 847.432.188

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