Thursday, November 12, 2015

BRUCE NEW ~ An attempt to document his exhistance

Bruce New, The Vision of the Crystal City, mixed media, 20 x 16"

Bruce New defines his work as an attempt to document his existence, leaving a visual record of his thoughts, ideas, and fantasies. He makes his home on a mountaintop in the wilds of Kentucky were he says he creates his art "...high on butterfly wine.”

New's imagery is beautifully complex with unique elements reflecting our society. Graphic figures with symbolic iconography contrast columns of the printed word—both  reflecting occurrences of today's world. The various graphic elements are manipulated to create an intricate layered surface to explore and contemplate.

Bruce New, The Moon Council, mixed media, 18 x 24"

I found Bruce New's work while reviewing work for an Outsider Art event, which will be held at The Art Center-Highland Park, tomorrow night. Other wonderful and obsessively-creative, quirky artists to be exhibited include: Lea Atiq, Ellen Greene, Debo Groover, Mary King, and Frank Joseph Zirbel.

A fundraiser for The Art Center-Highland Park, tickets for An Evening of OUTSIDER ART and JAZZ, may be purchased online at or by calling Jacqueline Chilow at 847.432.1888.

If you haven’t yet experienced Outsider Art, you will be astonished by this experience!

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