Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing Lace

I ran into Yvette Keiser-Smith at a reception at the Fine Arts Building this weekend. It was great to see her and catch up on the new work she’s been producing. You may remember an exhibition she had at Gallery 180 in 2005. The work was—and continues to be—created by crocheting fiberglass and then forming the fabric prior to solidifying it with a polyester resin. The structures she created for Gallery 180 were beautiful. The structures that she is currently creating are even more amazing then before. The newest of the lacey structures are based on Yvette’s fascination with numbers. “Identity Sequence e Black” is shown above. Visit her web site at to see additional work. Or if you are near DeKalb, take the time to stop by the Northern Illinois University Art Museum to experience Yvette’s work in the group exhibition “Crossing Threads, Crossing Boundries.” The show runs through March 6th.

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