Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art Against AIDS... one last time

It was announced, that tonight's "Art Against AIDS" benefit would be the last. As it is commonly known, Mother Teresa chose not to protest but to support a rally for a cause... so in 2010, The Heartland Alliance Benefit will take on the name "The Art of Human Rights". The new name seems to fit appropriately with the sentiment of Mother Teresa... Instead of being "against" AIDS, focus on the support of Human Rights. What a wonderful concept.

The University of California, San Francisco web site points out that: "The 1980s were extremely important in defining some of the connections between HIV/AIDS and human rights. By the end of the decade, the call for human rights and for compassion and solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS had been explicitly embodied in the first WHO [World Health Organization] global response to AIDS. This approach was motivated by moral outrage but also by the recognition that protection of human rights was a necessary element of a worldwide public-health response to the emerging epidemic."

I hope you will join me in supporting the Heartland Alliance 2010 benefit... "The Art of Human Rights".

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