Monday, August 13, 2012

Gallery H, Three Oaks, MI

Gallery H: Sheila Ganch sculpture, Charles Gniech: Anomaly, 40 x 60", acrylic on canvas

A number of years ago, I presented a series of large figurative paintings in a solo exhibition at the Fine Arts Building Gallery. The space included a secondary “members gallery” that presented one piece of work from each of the affiliated artists. After my solo show closed, I moved one the recently shown pieces—“The Actor Sleeps” to the “members gallery”. The substantial painting was eight-feet tall, four-feet wide, and dominated the space.

At the reception for the following exhibition—the work of Grace Cole, if I remember correctly—I was working the front desk. And that’s when I met Nancy Hoffman.

A beautiful woman approached me and asked about the very large painting in the members gallery. She asked me who the artist was and I smiled, extended my hand, and introduced myself. She responded in kind, and after some conversation, Nancy scheduled a meeting to see additional work. She later purchased “The Actor Sleeps” and with a common love for art, we became friends.

Nancy Hoffman is the Director of Gallery H in Three Oaks, Michigan. After seeing my recent exhibition at Gallery 180, she requested some of my work for her Michigan gallery. I was happy to be included. 

Gallery H: Sheila Oettinger, sculpture, Charles Gniech "Rise" 40 x 40" acrylic on canvas

I drove up to Three Oaks last week to deliver the work. Three Oaks is a little town located a few minutes over the Indiana – Michigan Border. The surrounding area is inhabited by the summer homes of Chicago’s affluent. The perfect getaway, Harbor Country offers its residents a quick and peaceful retreat from the chaos of their busy lives in the city. The area includes the beautiful Lake Michigan beaches, plenty of restaurants, antiques, and—or course—fine art.

Being a Curator, I helped to install the current exhibition at Gallery H, which includes the work of Deanna Krueger, Richard Laurent, Sheila Ganch, Audry Cramblit and Andrea Harris. The various paintings and sculptures work seamlessly to create a space of peaceful contemplation. The superior quality of the fine art presented, has resulted in a stellar reputation for Hoffman and her gallery. If you have an opportunity to head up to Harbor Country, take the time to explore Gallery H located at 15 S. Elm, Three Oaks, Michigan. It’s worth the trip. 

Gallery H: Sheila Ganch sculpture in the foreground Charles Gniech paintings

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