Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carl Holzman ~ Gallery H

Carl Holzman, "Gallos Rojas" oil on canvas, 30 x 30"

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's time for Chicago's elite to make their way up to Michigan to open their beach homes for the summer. Just across the Indiana / Michigan border, on Lake Michigan, is Harbor Country. Just inland, there is a wonderful little town called Three Oaks… And as you make your way through the center of town, you will find a beautiful Chicago-caliber gallery; Gallery H.

Nancy Hoffman opened Gallery H some seven-or-eight years ago, presenting a variety of contemporary works ranging from abstraction to hyperrealism… from paintings and sculpture to mixed media and photography. Hoffman continues to represent many of the artists she began with, but she’s always searching for new and amazing works of fine art.

This year, Gallery H opens its season with the paintings of Carl Holzman. Holzman—a truly gifted artist—creates beautiful still life imagery using antiques as subject matter. His muted use of color tones and modulation of light and dark are intriguingly intoxicating—luring the viewer into the picture plane and offering an opportunity to explore the past with a new perspective. The pieces are enticing. If you have the opportunity to make in up to Harbor Country in the next few weeks, you should consider a side trip to Gallery H to experience Holzman’s work.

Gallery H is located in at 15 South Elm Street in Three Oaks, Michigan. Gallery hours are: Fridays 12pm-5pm / Saturdays 12pm - 6pm EST / Sundays 12pm - 5pm EST

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