Monday, June 30, 2014

Charles Gniech ~ Gallery H, Three Oaks, MI

Installation View: Gallery H, Three Oaks, Michigan 
Left to right, work by: Charles Gniech, Deanna Krueger, Charles Gniech,
table sculpture by Len Cowgill

Last week, Nancy Hoffman—the owner of Gallery H in Three Oaks, Michigan—came to my studio to review work for an upcoming group exhibition. Nancy and I have a long history—we've been friends for more then a decade. Over the years, she has done a wonderful job representing my work in the Chicago/Michigan market... I was excited to show her the work that I've been producing. By the conclusion of our meeting, she had selected nine pieces for the show. This past Saturday morning, I drove out to Gallery H to deliver the paintings. 

I spent the day with Nancy and her assistant, Elisha, installing the exhibition. The show includes work by: Ellen Cocose, Len Cowgill, Sheila Ganch, Andrea Harris, Deanna Krueger, Tom Matucci, Sheila Oettinger, Francine Turk and myself. The work flows together seamlessly with a [generally] muted color palette—exploring obsessive patterns and textures which leave the viewer absorbed in introspection. The show will be up through July so if you're looking for one more reason to explore Harbor Country, here it is.

Installation View: Gallery H, Three Oaks, Michigan 
Left to right, work by: Ellen Cocose, Charles Gniech, Sheila Oettinger

Gallery H is located at 15 South Elm Street in Three Oaks, Michigan. Hours are: Fridays 12pm–5pm / Saturdays 12pm–5pm EST / Sundays 12pm–4pm EST. Learn more at 

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