Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Creative Social Club...

I took some time—yesterday—to drive downtown and meet with The Chicago Creative Social Club at Gallery 180. The creative networking organization is defined on its web site, as “THE Meet up Group for creative people in Chicago.” The group …“supports the Chicago creative community by promoting social connections, enjoyment, and learning across all creative disciplines…” So when the Director of the organization contacted me to ask if I would address the group, I agreed.

I was asked to cover a variety of art-related topics including: the current exhibition being presented at Gallery 180, titled “red”, information about The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, exhibition opportunities, the Chicago Gallery scene, and information on my duties as a Curator. I probably spoke a little too long but the amazing snacks—provided by the Ai Culinary School—kept the group conscious. After the very informal presentation, I spent time talking with some of the individual members. I met some wonderful people and ate a few too many of the monster chocolate, chocolate-chip cookies.

In any case, if you’re near Chicago and are looking for a creative group, with which to mingle, check out the Chicago Creative Social Club at:


  1. I just had to commend the paintings before i go. I had lingered for a while and seen some of the older posts. The details, fineness ..and impressions on them are fantastic.


  2. Chuck,

    It's obvious that you love what you're doing and I think that is what life is all about. Good for you that you rewarded yourself with some chocolate chip cookies.

    Stepping into a gallery for any reason can sometimes feel intimidating (because of the expansion of space)you appear to set them at ease. More people come to art when they feel comfortable in that space, in my opinion.

    Sometimes new artists, within oneself, is ushered out of hiding and is giving wings to explore how safe the outside is through this one gallery experience.