Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lite Brite... Maggie Meiners

"Childhood Contemplations"—a solo exhibition of large-scale photographs by Maggie Meiners—will be presented at The University of Illinois at Chicago, Student Art Lounge, from September 28-October 30. An opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, October 8 from 4-7 PM. The gallery is located at 828 S. Wolcott in Chicago.

I first presented pieces from this collection—last fall—at Gallery 180 of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. The works are amazing. The mere size of these forty-inch square digital c-prints, allows the viewer to become engulfed by the imagery and to explore their inner mind. The various color patterns are meant to trigger memories on which to contemplate. Michael Weinstein of "Newcity" had a wonderful observation in his September 18th review of the show when he wrote that Meiners' creates "...pure psychedelic abstractions in which the blurred and glowing colors bleed into each other and dance before the eyes." In defining her own work, Meiners explains...“Although the use of blurred imagery seems to defy logic, this intentional shift in focus is meant to transfix and then transport the viewer to a mind space where memories run wild. Various spectrums of color are used as a guide to revisit and explore memories of the past."

Take some time to see this exhibition... and if you have the opportunity to attend the reception on October 8th, introduce yourself to Meiners... she's an amazing lady.

You can find additional work by Meiners at:

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