Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fonzo ~ Alphabet Soup / part 2

 Sebastian "Fonzo" Napoli, "All Spaced Out: Moonbats & Spacecrafts Two", Ink - Detail 

This past Friday, I was invited to the opening reception of “Alphabet Soup part 2” …Letterform and design as seen through the eyes of the street artists. The invitation came from a colleague who makes his living as a commercial designer but has a history as “Fonzo”, a graffiti writer. Some of his current drawings were included in the exhibition.

Doing a little research before the show, I found that Galerie F specializes in silkscreen gig posters, art prints, and street art. When I hear “street art”, I think graffiti… an image spray painted on a wall or in an ally. At times the images are amazingly beautiful, like some of the buildings covered in the Wynwood district of Miami… and sometimes it just appears as unimpressive tagging. I wanted to experience the show with an open mind.

We arrived at Galerie F to a room swarming with the “hipster” crowd. As we made our way through the room, the work on the walls explored a variety of themes with elements of graffiti, expressive linear compositions, and vibrant color. We approached Fonzo’s work and I was intrigued at how the imagery of Napoli’s alter ego continues to be inspired by the world of his past yet utilizing the current hand of a seasoned professional. The imagery is humorous with dark undertones of the grotesque. The line work is amazing. The entire show is well worth exploring.

Galerie F is located at 2381 North Milwaukee Avenue, in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Hours are Tuesday through Sunday 11am-6pm. Learn more at: galerief.com

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