Friday, September 19, 2014

Jordan Scott ~ Structures from Silence at the Judy A Saslow Gallery

Jordan Scott, Royals 2, 2013, UK postage stamps and resin on canvas, 36 x 36"

If you’re in town for "Expo Chicago", and you need to experience just a little more fine art, find your way over to the Judy A Saslow Gallery at 300 West Superior in the River North Gallery District to see the Jordan Scott exhibition.

Jordan Scott has a fascination with "the sum of the parts". As a child, he accompanied his mother on a “press check”. A press check is the review, and color approval for commercially printed work. At that time, Scott was introduced to a tool called a printer’s loupe which is a kind of magnifying glass that allows the printer to see the detailed series of dots that make up an image. Viewing an image from a distance, the eye mixes the smaller parts, blurring the dots and blending color to create what the viewer sees.

That childhood experience became a metaphor for Jordan Scott’s work. It began the exploration of the parts to understand the whole… perhaps a global view… or perhaps the interconnectedness of the universe. From Scott’s artist statement:
The postage stamp collages [are] each composed of hundreds or thousands of similar elements, … [creating] an interconnected and interdependent whole much greater than the sum of its parts.
With a love for using materials out of context, Scott produces mesmerizing canvases with the repetition of postage stamps. The intricate surfaces of these canvases present beautifully repetitive patterns from a distance, with a subtle surprise as the viewer approaches.

The Jordan Scott exhibition continues through October 31st. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday 11-6 and Saturday 11-5. The Judy A Saslow Gallery is located at 300 West Superior in the River North Gallery District, Chicago, Illinois. Additional information can be found at: 

Jordan Scott, Beyond Worlds, 2014, USA postage stamps and resin on canvas, 30 X 30"

The Judy A Saslow Gallery: Originally a gallery exclusively showing art created by extraordinary European self-taught and outsider artists, the Judy A Saslow Gallery has for the past several years been incorporating contemporary art by established and emerging artists. In addition to outsider art, the gallery has a stunning array of tribal, ethnographic artifacts and jewelry collected from all parts of the globe. 

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