Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ted Preuss... From Nature

This Ted Pruess image, "Desert Oasis #9", is one of the amazing pieces selected for the "From Nature" Exhibition opening at Gallery 180 on April 20th with the Opening Reception on Friday, April 24th.

Preuss—creating beautiful photographs of women as subject as well as art form—produces these pieces using a Platinum Palladium process. I found a wonderful section on his web site were he explains a bit more about this process then I've discussed in previous posts. The process is intriguing but I believe the most interesting aspect of Preuss' work is the passion for formal elements from which the images seem to be created. In defining his work, Preuss reveals his love for the human form and admits that his images are simply "...studies in light and form which blend formal and sensual qualities...". Take a few minutes to review his "Oasis of Mara" series. I love the image titled "Home". It's clearly about the contrasts of line, shape, texture and color.

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